Early Years
Pamela is the third child of four blessed to the union of Amy and Charlie Bailey. She was born in Macon, Georgia in October of 1958. Her childhood was very happy. She was active in band and soft ball in elementary school. In high school, she was President of the Honor Society, captain of the majorettes, a flag twirler and a concert band member. She was also the third speaker at her high school graduation.
Pamela has a BS in Chemical Engineering from Georgia Tech and an MBA from Oklahoma State University. She understands the value of constant learning and has continued her formal education by taking both for credit and continuing education courses.
Work History
Pamela has been on a quest to discover "what she wants to do when she grows up" for all of her adult life. She worked in the petroleum industry for 16-1/2 years as a process engineer, computer programmer, economics analyst, environmental engineer and recruiter. After being downsized, she worked in the bedding industry for 11+ years as a specifications administrator, cost analyst and manager. "Author" and "President and CEO" are new titles for Pamela, but she wears them well.
Who I Am
I've been blessed to have a supportive and loving family without whom I would not be "Who I Am."  Over time, I've learned not to allow others to define "Who I Am" because only God and I know the intentions and actuality of my actions and, as such, can accurately judge me for "Who I Am"  in reality.  I pray for others to understand reality as I do and to fully  embrace life and eternity.

Pamela E. Bailey

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4 Years Old