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We base our life and eternity on our ancestors' beliefs and on events that occurred many millennia before we were born. What if our beliefs about events that heppen in our lifetime are important to our eternity? This book is a hypothetica. "What if" for fictional character Asha Day. What if your eternity will be determined by your actions based upon your beliefs about reality and what Asha Day did. Are you prepared for your eternity?
With predictions of doom and gloom dominating media and entertainment, people could easily give up and not take control of their lives and world.  This book outlines the power in our choices and contains a call to action.  It's your choice to read it or not.  However, if you do choose to read it, you won't regret it.
We live in a world where people place value on the wrong things.  How are the ironies associated with bizarro value holding you back in your life?  Learn how to recognize bizarro value and how to overcome the obstacles preventing you from living your best live.  Conceptionalize possibility and stand up to bullies who stand between you and your prize.  You'll never get back the time you delay before reading this book.  Is this bizarro value?  You decide. 
Bizarro Value


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